Rabbanit Renana Birnbaum

Rabbanit Renana Birnbaum directs the Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute. A well-known Jewish educator with degrees in Literature (BA) and Jewish Philosophy (MA), Rabbanit Renana draws on her own wealth of experience as a rebbetzin in Uruguay, where her husband served as the countrys Chief Rabbi, and as the community rebbetzin in Turin, Italy. Rabbanit Renana possesses the knowledge and sensitivity which make her the perfect role model for our women emissaries in their roles as community leaders. Her previous positions also included serving as a senior faculty member of the school at Kibbutz Saad and as head teacher of the Jewish school in Caracas. In addition to heading the Claudia Cohen Institute, Rabbanit Birnbaum is the director of Ohr Torah Stones Spanish-speaking conversion program.