An Overview

Each year, our programs receive hundreds of applications from young men seeking a career in the rabbinate and the world of Jewish education. From these, we select those candidates who demonstrate the intelligence, sensitivity and charisma essential to serve as first-class leaders. Our students receive a monthly stipend, which enables them to focus on the intensive training that they undergo. Over the course of two years, they gain the skills and knowledge they will need to serve as outstanding rabbis and educators in the Diaspora.

As graduates prepare to enter the field, we work together with them to identify the most suitable placement for them, to maximize their impact on the Jewish world. Once in position, we support our alumni throughout their professional careers, providing on-going support and in-service training to ensure that they remain fresh, inspired professionals.

Program alumni who return to Israel can join our Yachad Program, which places engaging leaders in community centers across the country, where they serve as “Jewish Cultural Facilitators.”  Yachad facilitators expose secular Israeli families to Jewish tradition in a warm, intelligent and accessible manner, encouraging them to explore, reclaim and cherish their religion. Yachad facilitators also work with immigrants from FSU and Ethiopia, offering them positive Jewish experiences, welcoming them to our special beginner services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and inviting them to celebrate in special festival programs. This work plays a crucial role in defusing the negative stereotypes about religious people and offering Israeli families opportunities to reconnect with their Jewish heritage.

Course Details

  • The men's training takes place each Tuesday, 1:45-8:30 PM, over the course of two years, with an option to go on shlichut at the end of the first year as well.
  • The women's training takes place every other Monday, 4:00-8:00 PM.
  • The Men's program takes place at our new home in Kiryat Shoshana on the Beren Academic Campus (map here).
  • The Women's program takes place in Midreshet Lindenbaum, 51 Leib Yafeh Street, Jerusalem.
  • A monthly stipend of $400/couple will be given for active participants in the course.
  • For further details call 02-588-0910.