Graduates Currently Abroad

Students of Straus-Amiel are ordained rabbis, and Beren-Amiels students are experienced educators. All graduates possess fine leadership qualities and high personal and intellectual standards. All participants have a background of intensive religious studies, as well as advanced academic studies. All speak at least one foreign language (French, Italian, Swedish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, and English).

The Straus-Amiel and Beren-Amiel programs aim to develop rabbinical and educational leadership to serve Jewish communities throughout the world. Every community, each with its unique character and image, can be accommodated with the appropriate candidate from the ranks of our graduates.

Our graduates are fully prepared to meet the challenges of serving, not only within monolithic religious communities, but also in mixed congregations consisting of both religious and secular members, as well as in communities seeking to find their way back to Judaism.