Program Overview

Classes are taught by an outstanding faculty made up of our in-house teaching staff and guest lecturers. Each program has its own distinct curriculum, where every topic is rigorously explored through formal lectures, workshops and seminars. Throughout the course, students are given ample opportunity to practice the skills that they learn and receive feedback from experts. By the completion of their studies, they display the professionalism and confidence they will need to succeed in synagogues, classrooms and campuses across the world.

  • Straus-Amiel trains innovative, dynamic young rabbis to provide exemplary leadership in synagogues and communities throughout the world.
  • Beren-Amiel provides comprehensive training to create professional and engaging educators to teach in schools across the Diaspora.
  • The Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute provides the spouses of our educators and rabbis with comprehensive training to enable them to serve as efficient partners and role models in their adoptive communities.


The rabbinate is a partnership, in which the rabbi and rabbanit work as a team to make a powerful impact on their community. Over the course of two years, we prepare both husband and wife for the challenge of community leadership, in both established and remote communities.

The rabbis are provided with the tools to inspire their congregants with powerful rhetoric, teach them with clarity and offer compassionate counsel in times of need. Our detailed curriculum for men focuses on the following major areas:

  • The role of the rabbi as a communal leader
  • Understanding the culture of Diaspora communities
  • Halachic challenges in community life
  • Communication skills 
  • Pastoral care and counseling
  • Management skills
  • Working with a non-observant population
  • The cycle of the Jewish year and the circle of life

Straus-Amiel curriculum

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The Beren-Amiel program prepares educators who will teach and inspire their students using creative educational techniques.  We also prepare our teachers to take leading roles in heading institutions. Most of our educators work as husband and wife teams, with both partners involved in schools and other educational institutions; for this reason we run programs for both husbands and wives. Studies for both partners focus on:

  • The nature and role of Jewish schools in the Diaspora
  • The educator's family within community life in the Diaspora
  • Effective pedagogy
  • Classroom management
  • Curriculum planning and development
  • School management
  • Educating towards Jewish identity

Beren-Amiel Curriculum

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The Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute

The Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute draws upon many elements of the men's programs; the couple's goals are identical and therefore, both partners require similar background information. In addition, however, the women’s program includes a number of courses which are specific to the unique role of the woman emissary. 

Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute Curriculum

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